The Dominica Economic Citizenship Program has been running since 1991 to help fund government investment in the fields of education, health care, and agriculture among others. Residency in Dominica is not required for citizenship, and currently the process takes between 5 to 8 months.

Citizenship of Dominica can offer a lifetime of security for you and your family in times of economic hardship, political strife and war. It also offers visa-free travel to over 90 countries. It appears that citizens of Dominica will be able to travel without a visa to Schengen area zone in 2014. The Schengen authorities announced this news but no date has been set for commencement.

Once obtained, Dominica's citizenship is for life. The passports are valid for 10 years, and are easily renewed in Dominica.

Before an applicant and his family can be granted citizenship, an economic contribution must be made in the form of a direct non-refundable payment to the government. A single applicant will be required to make a contribution of US $100,000 and a family of four must contribute US $200,000.

Applicants and dependents over 16 years old are required to pay due diligence, security and background verification fees, which may vary depending on the profile, nationality and country of residence(s) of the applicants. The time taken for background checks on potential applicants for Dominica economic citizenship may be anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks. Background checks fees can vary between US $5,000 and US $10,000.

After the Financial Services Unit (FSU) evaluates the citizenship application following the due diligence report, the applicant deposits his or her investment and attends the mandatory interview conducted by a government appointed committee or committee members. Interviews are conducted in Dominica but can be organized in different cities around the world.

Applicants and their dependents who have previously been denied a visa to countries which Dominica has visa-free access may not apply into this program unless they obtain a visa beforehand.

Dual citizenship is allowed and individuals who will not become resident for tax purposes in Dominica are not subject to any personal income tax.

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